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For All Your Central Station Needs

Alarm Central Station, Inc. (ACS) is one of the first and largest independent central stations established in the Northwestern United States. Formed in 1981 to meet the critical needs of Alarm Professional Dealers, ACS has evolved into a dynamic, well-respected partner for growing, independent alarm companies.

Our focus is the security and protection of independent alarm company subscribers through monitoring. Learn more today on how we can help you and your customers.

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LookSee® Video Security Solution

LookSee® is an affordable, secure, reliable, off-site, video security and business management solution. It can be easily integrated within an existing system or function as a standalone solution and is accessible via your personal computer, personal digital assistant or cell phone.

Learn more today on how LookSee® can be used to lower your subscribers security and lower overall costs.

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SimpleMed Medication Organizer and Reminder

A simple and easy to use Medication Organizer and Reminder, that allows consumers to be connected to any call center, and collects and transmits evidence-based data. SimpleMed revolutionizes the way medications are delivered and enables a safer and easier life style for the millions of seniors that depend on proper medication management.

Learn more today on how SimpleMed can help your subscribers manage their medications.

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