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For All Your Central Station Needs

  • Burglary
  • Fire
  • Medical Emergency
  • Environmental

Alarm Central Station, Inc. (ACS) is one of the first and largest independent central stations established in the Northwestern United States. Formed in 1981 to meet the critical needs of Alarm Professional Dealers, ACS has evolved into a dynamic, well-respected partner for growing, independent alarm companies.

Our focus is the security and protection of independent alarm company subscribers through monitoring. We are never in competition with the dealers that represent our services. We do what we do best: We monitor alarms for your customers. Our monitoring service allows you to do what you do best: Sell, service, install and maintain alarm systems.

We have dedicated our efforts to the well-being and success of those we serve.

This is what makes us different:

Real people answer
our phones!

Calls are answered promptly, with friendly courtesy by a “real” person!