LookSee® is a Service Mark of Alarm Central Station. It employs the technology of OzVision. The employment of the OzVision technology requires OzVision equipment available from most alarm equipment distributors. There are devices communicate over phone lines; others that communicate over the internet.

  • Reactive Mode — Capturing on video the actions at a protected site and transmitting those actions to the central station simultaneous to the report of an alarm condition (alarm verification)
  • Proactive Mode — Allowing the operators at the central station to link remotely to the site and view the activity at the site "live"
  • Auto Log Mode — The remote storage of recorded videos of activity!

The application of OzVision technology can function as a virtual digital video recorder on the internet with secured accessed by protocol and pass code.

Where does LookSee® Apply?

  1. Retail Store Chains Reduce Shrinkage
    Retail companies owning and operating 100-5,000 stores lose seven times more to employee theft than to shoplifters—whether they sell clothing, pharmaceuticals or electronics. LookSee® can help retailers reduce shrinkage by making employees aware that the system monitors when an employee arms or disarms the system, opens the safe, or the loading dock door, tracking the time, date and employee involved.
  2. Convenience Stores Operate More Safely
    LookSee® provides peace of mind to convenience store operators, by simply being connected through a convenience store's alarm panel. When used in conjunction with a panic button, LookSee® can provide visual information of an emergency event to the central station and police.
  3. Factories, Warehouses Save Money
    Runaway alarms significantly run up monthly phone bills. Monitoring costs can be reduced by leveraging LookSee® for open/close reports and verification, resulting in lower yearly phone bills and savings in labor.
  4. Restaurants Maintain Quality
    Restaurant franchise owners must maintain established quality standards such as staff and facility appearance, customer service levels and coverage. Using LookSee®, owners can easily and economically conduct video spot-checks, from home or the road via a video tour clip by email.
  5. High-Value Properties Reduce False Alarms
    LookSee® video verification allows the central station professional to efficiently validate and document each alarm event so police have the verification they require to respond in time— and the owner isn’t needlessly awakened in the middle of the night or paying unnecessary fines.

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