Why Alceste?

We’ve been asked why we chose “alceste.com” as our domain name.

Alceste or Alcestis is a notable and beautiful woman in Greek Mythology. Much different in disposition and appearance than her sister Medusa (the gal with the snakes for hair and a face that turned anyone who looked at her directly, to stone).

Alceste is most noted that she gave of herself to save the life of her husband, Admetus, King of Thessaly. She died in his stead to fulfill an agreement he had made in years prior, with the Gods.

We believe we go all out for those that trust us, just as did she. Ironically , our name ALarm CEntral STation ties to hers.

Kindred spirits.

Our Goal: Your customers’ security, safety, and protection.

Alarm Central Station provides the highest quality service and the latest innovations… your guarantee of safety, security, and cutting-edge solutions.