Dealer Referrals

Alarm Central Station serves hundreds of alarm companies throughout the Northwestern United States. One of our goals is to assist the public in finding the “Professional Alarm Dealers” who can fulfill their needs.

We approach things [from a] point of view [different] than many other companies. We don’t want to know your name or physical address. We do not tell sales people who you are. No one will solicit your business because of the information provided here. We do not sell your information.

Questionnaire Form

We only want information concerning your needs. This information will assist us in giving you the names of companies that are equipped to meet your particular alarm requirements. We will give you up to three firms that we believe can address your requirements. It will be your responsibility to contact them for a survey and a quote.

Is this alarm system for a residence or commercial location?

If commercial, what is the nature of the business performed by this commercial facility?

What type of threats are you looking to detect? (Check all that apply)

  • Intrusion
  • Fire
  • Medical
  • Environment

What has caused you to initiate this search for a Professional Alarm Dealer?

Have your security or safety needs changed?

Have you been the target of criminal activity?

Is your neighborhood subject to criminal activity?

How many square feet are at this location?

How many exterior doors? (Include garage doors)

How many windows are on the ground level?

How many floors are in this facility?

Are there physical restrictions/impairments affecting occupants of this facility?

Is this system being required by any agency or organization?

Please enter your preferred e-mail address (so that we can email you a list of dealers).

Important Education for Alarm System Owners

Available exclusively through Alarm Central Station dealers, the Easy Answers brochure offers tips and hints so that you can get the most out of your alarm system.